I would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to Ian Spencer and his charity Helping Hands. I contacted him recently to ask him if it would be possible for the charity to help me out in purchasing a new special needs chair for my daughter, Chelsea. Myself and Chelsea have known Ian for a number of years as we used to go on trips that Ian's dad, Pete organised through the charity. Like all of the children and families that used to go we made a special bond with Pete and will never forget his generousity and kindness. Ian has since took over the charity and was only too happy to help us out.

The chair was a considerable amount of money and we wouldn't have been able to find all the funds to purchase it as quickly as we needed it. So on behalf of Chelsea, myself and family, we would like to thank Ian and all the people involved in the Helping Hands charity for their kindness in buying a much needed chair. Also thank you to all the people who have ever raised money for the charity, without your kind donations Ian wouldn't have been able to help us and Chelsea would be without the help she needs.

Rachel Lewis & Chelsea Rogers

A man we had never met before knocked on out front door and gave us a brand new iPad for our Autistic Daughter, Charlotte. This man was Ian Spencer of the Helping Hands Charity. We cannot express enough how grateful we are, not only for the ipad, but also recognition that we as a family can't always do it on our own and sometimes need a little help and support.

The benefit the iPad has with Autistic children is well documented and we are already seeing this with Charlotte. She loves it - although she doesn't really understand it yet. Even just as a tool to help calm her down when she is having a meltdown has made all our lives easier. It also gives her older sister Ella a means of interective play which we know she dearly misses. These benefits will only increase as Charlotte gets older.

We think the work the Helping Hands charity does a fantastic. The help and support providedto local children and families, enabling them to have or do things they just couldn't have done themselves, is invaluable. As we said before the iPad is brilliant for Charlotte, but for us as a familt know that there are people out there who care, and that we are not on our own, have help incredibly.

Finally we would just like to say a massive thank you to Ian and Helping Hands

Nick and Rebecca Thompson, Barby